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This community is open to everyone who's in the Altoona band, the auxiliary, is a band alum, or a band/aux groupie.

Discuss events, love one another, rant, whatever.

Once you join, please introduce yourself, your graduation year, and the instrument you played or how you were involved with the program.

Yay for band geeks! :)

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Your mods are...
kristinturc ... clarinet, piano, drum major, class of '05
darksider521 ... alto sax, bassoon, class of '07
onettmoser ... trombone, class of '07

Current members are...
2_plus_2_is_5 ... trombone, class of '05
bigdaddydrumr ... alto sax, oboe, bass drum, class of '04
bigmcfatty ... sousaphone, class of '04
chipitz ... tenor sax, class of '07
clippy247 ... clarinet, class of '05
clippy247 ... bassoon, head silk, class of '05
coderedbug ... trumpet, class of '05
comebathewithme ... percussion, class of '05
crunchyfrog1787 ... tenor sax, class of '05
derangedtwirler ... majorette, class of '07
eternalfirex777 ... alto sax, class of '07
fraulinedine99 ... clarinet, bass clarinet, class of '04
frenchhorn ... French horn, class of '08
julia_may ... tenor sax, class of '08
kingedward629 ... trumpet, sousaphone, class of '07
lavachequirit12 ... clarinet, class of '04
lovealittlelot ... trombone, class of '04
makeapaperduck ... trumpet, class of '04
missxbelle ... tenor sax, class of '07
music1 ... trombone, bassoon, class of '08
nascargirl16601 ... clarinet, tenor sax, bari sax, class of '05
nay10 ... trombone, class of '05
osha467 ... sousaphone, tuba, class of '06
palmtreehugger ... clarinet, class of '03
paperxlanterns ... alto sax, soprano sax, class of '08
peachygirl4216 ...
pezqueen325 ... alto sax, bassoon, class of '04
plangent_ ... bass, alto sax, French horn, class of '08
raisinette ... clarinet, class of '06
reggie_rae ... clarinet, bass clarinet, class of '03
sarahcarah ... trombone, drum major, class of '05
steelerdaddy ... baritone, euphonium, class of '88
stoyinabox ... tenor sax, class of '03
travel_sandwich ... clarinet, class of '08
turcethman ... trumpet, baritone, class of '08
weird_nads ... trumpet, class of '04
yinglingisgod ... trumpet, class of '07
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